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Cable holder self-adhesive metal

Product group A11.01

  • For mounting of cables, hoses, pipes etc.
  • Sticks to every dust-free and oil-free surface e. g. metal, paint, plastic, wood, plaster, paper etc.
  • Great work time-saving, no drilling, screwing, riveting necessary
  • Paint does not get damaged
Cable holder self-adhesive metal
IMS Part No. A B C D E F Material Product description Quantity / Add to wishlist
19000199A 15.80 mm 11.10 mm 8.70 mm 6.70 mm 5.00 mm 8.50 mm ALU ADHESIVE CLIP Ø 4,0 - 6,0 MM ALUMINIUM RAW
190060650 19.00 mm 15.90 mm 14.00 mm 10.20 mm 8.00 mm 12.40 mm ALU ADHESIVE CLIP Ø 8,0 MM ALUMINIUM